Ekko10 – Poster

Since 2011 EKKO Festival of Electronic Arts and Music has commissioned Blank Blank to create and re-create its festival profile. Serving as something of a visual playground, the profiles have been created using everything from fish-guts to rainbows, and every incarnation sets out to top the previous year.

EKKO is in no way limited to the main yearly festival, however, and has a busy programme all year round at its main venue Østre (that I also contributed to), and other places in Bergen and beyond. We also did the profiles for the “Ekkoklubb” and “MØLJE” event-series, and too many one-offs to list.

Ekko 14 Jenny Hval
Ekko11 — poster
Ekko14 EK Spread
Ekko10 – Programme
Ekko Stenersen