Ekko Nr. 13: Festival Elements

For the 13th EKKO Festival of Electronic Arts and Music we explored the wonderful world of generative design. In our own way we sought to bring interesting digital techniques into the analogue realm.

My biggest contribution, apart from layout, image processing and generation of materials both printed and online, was writing a special Photoshop script capable of creating truly random results.

Utilized across the entire festival profile, the resulting twisted images were nicely displayed in this publication. Sometimes as standalone objects, sometimes as part of collage. Apart from providing interesting articles and info on the artists, it also functions as the festival programme. Hower, as any event’s schedule is constantly a subject to change, and digital solutions always provides the most up-to-date info, the idea here was to create an object that would serve a purpose beyond that of the merely practical. It should find a home on a bookshelf and be a valuable source of information long after the festival itself is over.

I did this project as part of Blank Blank, and it was a highly collaborative project from first concepts to final production.