Østre: Biblioteca Randomica

With Blank Blank I developed the entire profile for Østre, a house for experimental music and sound based art practices. Apart from all the heavy profile-work my favourite contribution was illustrating the vast amount of interchangeable logos.

Østre is stuffed to the gills with an amazing surround-sound PA of the highest degree, a gallery exclusively dedicated to sound-art, an all-ages policy and a whole lot of parties, usually reaching a peak when the annual EKKO festival hits with full force.

Østre has a feature-packed profile to match, with custom typefaces, a slew of commissioned artworks and a grand total of 35 logos, lovingly titled the “Biblioteca Randomica”. So depending on the type of event or message the building wants to promote it can choose to be represented by a roaring lion, an urchin, a waning gibbous moon, a pineapple, tetrahedrons and any number of abstract shapes, all “crossed out” with a black line symbolizing the “Ø” in Østre.